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Been sick and pretty bored, so i felt like jotting down some games for the VC, feel free to poke fun and add your own. I don't know whats out there or is coming out so bare with me.

Chrono Trigger, Leathal Enforcers, General Chaos, Splatterhouse, Streets of Rage Series(Why does Sega never add these to anything), Final Fight, TMNT 4 Turtles in Time, Monsters in my Pocket, Mike Tysons Punch Out, Tecmo Bowl, NBA Jam, MK2, Samuraii Showdown, Baseball Stars, Home Alone, River City Ransom, Double Dragon, Friday the 13th, Kid Icarius, Final Fantasy 2 & 3 for Super Nes, Top Gear, Actraiser, Pilotwings, Zombies ate my Neighbors, Out of this world, Third world war(Only if sega could put Sega Cd games on Wii), My Hero (Sega Masterbit), Super Star Wars Empire Strike Back, Super Mario Kart(Super Nes), Double Dribble, And to make some laugh for this one Bill Laimbeers All Pro Basketball