Things that annoyed you in OoT 3D?

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#1 Posted by GreekGameManiac (6439 posts) -

In Kakariko Village,if you climb the watchtower when it rains...there's the "invisible ceiling".

The rain falls on i thought they built the engine from scratch?

Wha are some things that annoy you on the game?

#2 Posted by ANIMEguy10034 (4865 posts) -
  • The outdated save system.
  • No new content in the normal quest.
  • You have to beat the game to unlock Master Quest.
#3 Posted by NaveedLife (17179 posts) -

  • The outdated save system.
  • No new content in the normal quest.
  • You have to beat the game to unlock Master Quest.


This seems pretty accurate, though the save system is not a big deal.

But on the plus side, they didn't do anything to ruin what made it amazing, and the graphics are awesome. I really need to play more of it.

#4 Posted by Blabadon (27645 posts) -
A lot of things. I really wish I didn't spend $40 on this game. I was having some fun again in Master Quest but that quickly went away. MM is a helluva lot better.
#5 Posted by Litchie (16506 posts) -

Nothing really.

I enjoyed playing an old classic I hadn't played for a while, both with better graphics and in 3D. I guess that's why I got distracted from those little things.. I like how they managed to keep it really close to the original, while adding some neat things.

I've put 70+ hours on the game, according to my log, which is pretty many hours.. Haven't completed Master Quest yet, either.

#6 Posted by Blueresident87 (5340 posts) -

The only major thing for me is the save system. I understand why they didn't change it, but also I don't understand why they didn't change it.

#7 Posted by Tezcatlipoca666 (7241 posts) -

Having to beat the game in order to get access to Master Quest.

#8 Posted by rubber-chicken (2077 posts) -
I didn't find anything that annoyed me in this game. I 100% completed the original and Master Quest and it was amazing all over again. I'm probably just biased because it's my favorite game.
#9 Posted by The_Joker1721 (285 posts) -
Nothing is really annoying me in the game so far. I might be super late to this but has anyone seen the Link picture in the Gerudo fortress? I thought it was pretty cool to find something so random (to me) in the game.
#10 Posted by thetravman (3540 posts) -

The unbeatable running man. In the original version, I remember wasting many hours because of him.

#11 Posted by King_Dodongo (3350 posts) -
What's wrong with the save system?
#12 Posted by videog (306 posts) -

What's wrong with it? Nothing. It's exactly what the title say it is. Ocarina of Time in 3d. I'm quite happy with that.

#13 Posted by Blabadon (27645 posts) -
What's wrong with the save system? King_Dodongo
>Save in Ice Cavern >Return in Kokiri Forest lolwut
#14 Posted by ANIMEguy10034 (4865 posts) -

What's wrong with the save system? King_Dodongo

You always start in the Temple of Time or in your treehouse if you save outside of a dungeon. It can get annoying if you're far away from where you previously saved, assuming that you do not have the warp songs. It could have been worse (Majora's Mask) and it could have been better (every Zelda game after the N64).

#15 Posted by King_Dodongo (3350 posts) -
I thought saves inside dungeons would make a checkpoint (didn't know the ice cavern part, I thought it counted as a dungeon, or at least the same thing as the well)