The Wii U is Friggin Sweetah !!!

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I've been reading up on the Wii U ever since it's release date was announced. I just got mine in the mail today. It is awesome. My dad was playing Journey on my PS3 while I was hooking up the Wii U so I went through all of the set ups without using the my tv. at one point I thought "hey the TV is kinda loud" so I used the gamepad to turn the volume down. :DThe UI is pretty user friendly too. You can take a photo of yourself with the gamepad and have it create a mii for you and then it lets you customize it to your liking. The firmware update took about an hour. 1\2 through my internet disconnected and the update canceled but once I fixed my connection and tried it again it picked up where it left off. I also tried out netflix and you can do EVERYTHING on the gamepad, even watch the movie/show. I tested the range of the gamepad and it worked in my bathroom (no more bathroom breaks for me:D) I also checked out Miiverse for a bit. It's pretty cool too. It's kinda like a facebook for games. you can check out different games and see what people have to say about them and post comments on them. If you've been thinking about getting one, do it, don't let the negative reviews change your mind. they're haters.

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Glad you like it. Think you are impressed with Netflix? you should try the internet browser ;3 You can watch youtube, and while you are watching youtube (in 1080p), you can continue browsing the web without even needing to keep that youtube page opened.

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I'm intrigued by it also. I'm currently out of town and I was playing my WiiU for a few hours on the car ride out. Sorry 3DS. I just bought Mass Effect 3 also, so now I'm looking forward to playing that on the way back. I'm now in a hotel room and like many hotels, I can't hook my console to the TV. No sweat. Pop in NSMBU or ME3 and continue playing.

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I was a little worried at first, after reading the reviews on it, I was considering putting it up for sale for a second, but after I actually got my hands on it, I haven't been able to put it down. The MiiVerse I going to be a really cool way to find out about nintendo games as well

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Miiverse is a great way to get gamer and casual oppinions on any game without a sweat. And since Miiverse tells you who has and hasnt played a game, its easier to just avoid the haters because under there comment it wont have the icon showing that they own the game. Miiverse is also a great way to get help when you are honestly stuck. Keep running into a bug/ crashing in a certain game, worried that its just you? Go to Miiverse and look at that games community, if those bugs/ crashes arent just you, others will be sure to be talking about it. Want to make friends, Miiverse makes this surprisingly easy. Really Miiverse is just incredible and I cant wait to see how they improve it over the following months/ years or so.

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Yeah, I'm liking it. I do want to know when Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 will be released. I'm also eager to know what's on the horizon. Until then, having a lot of fun playing Nintendo Land and NSMBU.
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That's great to read such positive feedback.

I have to admit, I have been having second thoughts ... but for good reasons, mostly financial.

9 days 'til they release here ... I think I'm still gonna get it.

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it would be a nice addition if they eventually added a dvr and favorites button to the tv remote on the gamepad because once i find a show to watch, i just toss the remote somewhere and can never find it :lol: