The DS or the charger?

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#1 Posted by Dymedropp3r (459 posts) -
Hey guys,quick question. My DS no longer chargers,as soon as I plug it into the wall the orange light turns on,then turns immediately off.I just replaced the battery yesterday with a brand new one, but I still have the same problem when I try to charge. Before I go and buy a new charger,I wanted to see if u guys think it is the charger that's the problem,or if the system itself.Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Go try a different charger at a buddies house or something.

But new chargers dont really cost anything like 5-10 bucks.

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I 'helped' a customer with that. When you plug the charger in, the light turns orange for a millisecond, then directly off. The customer didn't return though, but I suggested her to buy a new battery at the net, but it seems yours doesn't work either and it's not the charger, because she tried it with another as well. So it's probably the DS. If it still has the guarantee of Nintendo, I suggest you send it back and if not, I can only say: buy a new one.
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That's weird, sounds almost like a PSP brick(Only that that happens when you try to turn it on, not charge it).

My only thoughts on this is that maybe there's a loose piece inside the system? Have you ever dropped it or soaked? Heck, perhaps in your ausense, somebody in your family accidentally dropped it, and decided not to tell you? But really, no idea, assuming you are not screwed like me(In a S,A country,,,,,luckily my DS is still ok) send it to Nintendo

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Is the piece loose where you attatch the charger to the DS(inside the hole next to the DS game slot)? A friend had to send his to Nintendo to be replaced because that piece was damaged.
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Try cleaning up where the battery is. Just pop out the battery clean it up the area that holds it in the ds then try cleaning up the battery.
Note: use a dry cloth

Then carefully put the battery back in. It probably won't work but it is probably worth a shot.

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does it charge?

maybe its the light!

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Use another charger, or maybe the DS doesn't like to lite up while charging.
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This tutorial should explain how to fix your ds:

1) Try putting the charger and try turning it on to see if the problem is not the light that is broken.

2) Get a new charger and/or battery and see if the problem is solved.

3) Check if there is energy coming through the wall you're putting the charger.

4) Check if there is anything damaged in your ds, if yes send it to nintendo to fix it.

5) If you cant find damages then interrogate your family/friends to see if they accidentaly broke it, then send it to nintendo.

6) If you didnt manage to find the cockprit and cant send it to nintendo or they couldnt fix it, then buy a new one.

7) If you dont have money to buy it then get a job

8) If you cant find a job then start to cry.

Well, its a bit overdetailed in some aspects but here it is. :P

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Have you actually tried playing on the DS to make sure the battery isn't already fully charged? the light turns straight off if the DS is fully charged... :?
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I had a similiar problem. My charger was broken from pulling it out of the wall by the chord over and over. I suggest trying a new charger.