Tenchu: Dark Secret

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#1 Posted by zeppelin_64 (3924 posts) -
Can someone tell me a bit about this? What's in the wi-fi?
#2 Posted by GeekyDad (1694 posts) -

The WiFi interactivity is basically trading. You can buy and sell items you've collected or made in the single-player game, but it's not really necessary, since you end up with more stuff than you need anyway.

If you want to know more about the actual game, check out my profile. I did a reader review for it sometime back. I think the game's a little better than what most critics labeled it as, but not much. In any case, don't expect a console-style Tenchu game.

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Ah yes, I read your review. I searched it up, and then I came here and saw you posted, and I was like, "hey it's the same guy!"
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STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME!!! read my review to know why
#5 Posted by ta11on (784 posts) -
You can only trade items with wifi, which is usless. The game is ok for the first time through, but it has no replay value. The multiplayer seems fun, but I never played multiplayer because nobody else I knew had the game, and it isnt ds download play. :(