Swipe Knight is now up on Indiegogo along with the TRAILER

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As promised the trailer is now up in our Indiegogo campaign along with lot's of images and all the info you need about the game :)

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The shield on his back during the fence crawling part is such a great touch. Strangely enough, that kind of detail is what jumps this game up a few pegs for me.

Also, I get a bit of a Toki Tori 2 vibe from the game in motion. That game looks simple and cute on the surface but is one of the best puzzle games of all time. If this game can approach the level of creative design and execution as that but in its own genre, it'll be amazing.

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@JordanElek: Thank you, glad you liked it:) And also I just want to point out that what you seen in the trailer is just the basics of Swipe Knight, I have so many ideas that I just cant wait to put in the game, but its all very time consuming so there is only so much I could manage to get in the trailer :)

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Saw this on GoNintendo.

Good luck hitting your goal :)

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We have made some changes and decided to also release the game to iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Linux if we reach our first goal. This is not going to affect the Wii U version.

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Cool stuff. Hope you reach the goal!