Surfing game for wii

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In my honestly honest opinion, I think Shaun White's Snowboarding for wii, using the balance board of course, is a really awesome game. Off the bat, I got great really quickly but that's because I had the balance fom skateboarding. Now I'm wondering if a surfing game would be as successful and if it would take the realistic or animated approach.

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Good idea - it would be interesting. I used to love Kelly Slater's game on the XBOX
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Yeah it wasn't bad. I remember playing that a lot at my cousin's house :P
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Well System 3 is creating an update of California Games.

I expect it be a lazy port but it may turn into the game you are hoping for (with additional content).](a good overview of the options in that game)

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Yeah, it might work. Wave Race would probably come first though.
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Yeah, it might work. Wave Race would probably come first though.GamerBoy53
Wave race essentially is coming. Some of the team that worked on those games are working on Wii Sports Resort's Jet Ski minigames.
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i love surfing games and it be great with the wii balance board or just with the wii mote +
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Wave Race would be really good actually, if we could steer with the balance board and do tricks with the wii mote.
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Surfing sounds good. I think it should focus on realism