Super Mario 3D World, Then and Now

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If there was a game series that has only proved the inevitable "Theyve done it again" Its Mario and it seems his newest outing is no difference.

Remember back at E3, ^THIS^ trailer showed up that had mixed reactions, as it shows what Nintendo's direction was, a full blown sequel to 3D Land but with a difference focus and console quality. At the time there were people who anticipating its new direction while others are underwhelmed and its understandable, especially with the trailer's point of showing Multiplayer for the most part. There was some great things like the inspiration like the snake boss and water riding as well 64's Camera and some neat additions, more positives were shown when actually playing the demo but it was still Iffy.

But then on October 1, something happened, a Nintendo direct happened and we were shown 3D World 4 months after its initial showing at E3

People were awestruck, people regretting their negativity, SOMETHING happened that made people see 3D World in a different light, a much more positive light.

What it is? Nothing other than the Magic Nintendo pulls up when a game has doubts, the game was shown much more appealing things, it focused much more on the single Player aspect and more, it was fantastic. Double Cherries, Goomba suit, Bowser's Purple Cadilac, that canon block, it was amazing. The level design and creative levels like a Japanese Temple are off the charts and are really UP THERE with Galaxy, maybe even surpassing it.

The game has really proven itself and redeemed what people doubted about it compared to back then at E3 and im super excited to see where else they can go and just how fun the game is gonna be.. How do you feel? Are you hype? Has your mind changed since the new trailer at Nintendo direct? Share your thoughts on this glorious game.

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Those screens are absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure it'll be a great game. I may pick it up if I get a Wii U.

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I never doubted it.. Tokyo EAD is yet to disappoint me with their games.. with that track record I would buy their games blindly.

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I always thought it was silly that people doubted the game upon reveal. One of the greatest devs on the game, it'd be silly to doubt such a team.

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@hotdiddykong: There is much difference in the 2 versions of Mario 3D of this time and yesteryears. At that time 3D was not very prevalent and is also not very good.

But for now this 3D game works well with users.

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i was kind of disappointed when i saw the first trailer as well, i expected something like galaxy 3 or sunshine 2 etc. but is still wanted the game, just because i love the 3d mario games.

the 2nd trailer was amazing though, great music, great action, lots of different stuff to love. i'm really excited for this game, can't wait!

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Your right, and The Thing is, each 3D Mario went in a different direction, all of them that otherwise set its own route that everyone appreciated, Galaxy 2 just so happens to exist that otherwise finished off and made excellent final use of the Galaxy mechanics and it did a good job.

3D World's direction in its 3D space is basically the experiment 3D Land started, being a fusion of 2D and 3D Mario. 3D Land however was too simplified, stripped and focused more on levels built for the 3D Effect. 3D World is pretty much doing what Galaxy 2 did to the original Galaxy, push the concept even further to see what else it can go to, but compared to how 3D Land was, the upgrade is much bigger.

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@b4il: @trugs26: @voljin1987:

I think what caused the negativity initially was because of just how underwhelming the first trailer was.

If say, the second trailer was the one that was shown back at E3, it wouldve been much better recieved.

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@voljin1987 said:

I never doubted it.. Tokyo EAD is yet to disappoint me with their games.. with that track record I would buy their games blindly.

This. I consider this team the best in the industry for a reason.

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The thing is, Super Mario 3D Land, while good, failed to reach the greatness of most modern Mario games (both 2D and 3D).

So right now I don't find myself too excited about 3D World, but I will sure buy it and I am confident I will have a blast when it is all said and done.

Those images are gorgeous!

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Introduction video

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Thats true, it was stripped, it was simplified and most of all it was too focused on its own 3D Effect and of course the limited quality because of a handheld.

3D World is definitley trying though and actually focus on the path it was originally, as the fusion. Its getting level design that fits it right, its getting much more creative, with train, circus, Japanese Temple level designs, and is pretty much giving it the amount of quality you would expect on a Console 3D Mario game. Always give a game the doubt, remember how people doubted Galaxy 2 for being Nintendo losing ideas and trying to cash in and they were severely wrong.

A game is just as good as its level design is, and 3D World is doing just that which was made Galaxy 2 so good.

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I just saw, that was amazing

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I've been impressed by 3D World since the E3 reveal. 4 player in the 3D platformer series really surprised me. Then there was also the announcement around that time about the green stars (from Mario Galaxy 2) making a return. The new trailer was epic, keep on doing your thing Nintendo EAD.

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I'm looking forward to this game. It seems Nintendo has never made a bad Mario game in the core series. They do it again, and again, and again. Go Mario!

In this day of FPSs and other popular genres and series (I enjoy these), Mario is still refreshing to return to.

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The green stars return to serve as the 3 collectibles you'll find scattered around.

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I just realized that pet Piranha Plant that eats things for you, and that Block that lights up in front of you are otherwise new incarnations of how Yoshi was usable in galaxy 2.

and wow, Koopa's chase you for your shell :3, AND it seems you can go IN the shell aka a new incarnation of Shell Mario from NSMB.

This game just keeps doing it, it just keeps bringing gameplay elements, its really started to get the standard Galaxy 2 set up. Hell, even the music was fantastic.

Watch this and listen to the music entirely, its a full high quality full orchestrated remake of Bowser's Levels in 3D Land, and if you look at the background as 0:55, you'll see a BIG reference to show that Year of Luigi is still going.

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I cannot wait. I do not get how people say Mario games are all the same, when every Mario game brings so many new dynamics. This is a totally different camera perspective, 4 player coop, and a gang of new in game challenges.

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Well, to be fair, part of the reason people reacted so poorly to it at E3 is because Nintendo didn't really make a fuss about it. It was a surprisingly nonchalant announcement for a game of such a high profile.

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My "negativity" toward the game was not at all reversed with the newer trailers.

I'm sure it will be a great game for what it is, but I wanted to see more. And no, not "Galaxy 3" because that would have been just as disappointing for me. Let me know if Nintendo ever makes another one like 64/Sunshine. Those were the ones that really felt like something special.

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SuperMario 3D world looks great. The other thing is why mario is sporting Yellow for Catmode. Mario's colors are Red and Blue.Luigi's cat suit is green which is his color.

So this could be the best selling Wii U game at Christmas

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@REVOLUTIONfreak said:

Well, to be fair, part of the reason people reacted so poorly to it at E3 is because Nintendo didn't really make a fuss about it. It was a surprisingly nonchalant announcement for a game of such a high profile.

You seem to have narrowed it down. The way they presented it was with very little energy. I think we are all aware that Nintendo just doesn't understand how to properly present the elements of their platform that actually create buzz at E3. If you do not agree with me look at the last 4 E3s. Part of it (and I hate to say this) has to do with relying too much on Miyamoto and Iwata to explain their new features and games when their English is not good enough.

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@hotdiddykong: That is the case, but people should know what developer they're talking about. I had confidence that given time, it would come into its own.

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@MarioFan264: Understandable but the standards of platforming these days arent like they used to be. Games, especially 3D Platformers, cant do it with simple open world games like how 64 and Sunshine did. Look at Epic Mickey that is otherwise the only other 3D Platformer this gen, it failed because of its faults on its open world due to a bad camera that keeps getting stuck in walls. But thats not to say Nintendo wont eventually and hopefully make a game that can bring back that open world sense.

Its more or less about the actual Platforming and the gameplay, not just simply running around in an open world looking for something to jump on.

The creativity on level design and gameplay elements are what sells 3D Platformers and how their areas is, which is why recent mario games, Galaxy and now, are more open space. But i understand your concern but i hope you see that 3D World and Galaxy for that matter provide the fun that made the 3D Mario games fun.