Super Mario 3D World - Main Theme (Acoustic Guitar Cover)

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Please let me know what you guys think of my cover! My dream is to make music for video games, so any sort of feedback will help!

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Awesome! Sounding really good.

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@wirelessyoshi: Woah. Sounds great! I sounds like it could be the ending theme of the game. It's really nice!

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Sounds great! I also play the guitar (and I make video game covers!), and I can tell that you have some skill with the axe. :)

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good_sk8er7: Thanks a lot man! Really glad you enjoyed it :)

PikachuDude860: That is such a kind compliment, thank you so much!

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Tonindo: Thank you so much! That's awesome to hear from someone who plays guitar themselves :)

farrel2k: That is a very sweet compliment, thank you :)

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I'm looking to improve, so any other feedback or constructive criticism would really help!