ssbb quck fix for disk read error

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SSBB ANY IDEA OF QUICK FIX SOLUTIONS TO FIX DISK READ ERROR IM SOO FRUSTRATED? i used a lens cleaner from gamestop no luck turned wii on side no help tryed a dozen things i cant beleve more people arent furious if u buy a game u expect it too work everyone keeps sayin atleast they'll fix it for bout makin it work in the first place if i dont find a solution

im gonna smash my wii and put the video on youtube on principle

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i cant beleve more people arent furious


thats because most people's games aren't jacked. You got unlucky, just deal with it and send off for a new one.

im gonna smash my wii and put the video on youtube on principle

Go ahead, i could do with a laugh

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send your Wii and game to Nintendo
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The game is fine the Wii is faulty... send it too nintendo unless your lucky enough to have a store waranty (it took me months to get my broken wii back)
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its your WII lens. If the lens is too dirty enough to read the disc then you have to send in your WII. Unless you have your warrenty still.
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that happened to my SMG disc. its easy. just dip a paper towel with some water and lightly rub the disc. up and down not in a circle direction. it should work.
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I know its the lens but i dont understand why a lens cleaner doesnt work if thats the case[you know those cds with the little brushes on it]
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Don't do that. Seriously, don't.

EDIT: from whatI here the lens isn't dirty its faulty in certain Wii's but something about SSBB makes it specifically effected.

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