Splinter Cell for the DS controls?

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I was thinking about buying this game because it was in the bargin bin at my store.  Do you have to control Sam with the stylus or can you use the control pad?  Please let me know before i buy this game! THANKS.

#2 Posted by sony_vaio (1721 posts) -
Anybody at ALL have this game and can tell me about the controls?
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i don't have the game and i haven't played it either....but i sugguest checking out the review....i'm sure it talks about the controls there
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you move him with the d-pad, and select weapons and gadgets with the stylus
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yes you move with d pad and every thing is is touch screen, only it's way to sensitive, and camera is a Paine, and a lot of the missions you can't use guns, the missions are no fun and are down right frustrating. don't buy this game i waisted $40 back in 05 and I wouldn't even pay $15 for it now, unless you have friends to play the multipalyer with.
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Thanks for the heads up.  I also read the review.  It said the controls were a nightmare. Think I will buy Metroid Prime Hunters instead.