Sorry New Here.. Nintendo DSi region question

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I am wanting to buy my wife the video game Merlin. It says it is a Nintendo DS game and has no Region, I will also buy her a Nintendo DSi or 3DS or DS any advice on which one will play the game, and which one would be the best to get. thank you sorry if this information is available somewhere I did a search.
#2 Posted by KBFloYd (14424 posts) -

all Ds games are region free...only dsi and 3ds games are region locked.

if merlin is a DS game then it will play on any device...ds,dsi or 3ds...

but if it is a DSi game...then it will be locked to the region you buy it from. no matter which system you buy.

im pretty sure merlin is regular ds game so it should play on any system you choose...that's all i know.