Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed announced for 3DS (Contains screens)

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Finally, months afterwe werethefirsttopostseveralrumorsregardinganewAll-Stars game, we finally have an announcement. Ladies and gentleman, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is on the way to the PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS and Vita this fall!

S&ASRT, true to its name, features transforming vehicles. With this new feature, Sonic and his friends will now be able to transform their cars into boats and planes, allowing them to race like never before in the water and in the air! If Sonic and his friends don?t suit your fancy, Transformed will be playing host to a variety of other legendary SEGA franchises including Panzer Dragoon, Skies of Arcadia, Golden Axe and Jet Set Radio!

I, along with fellow TSS staff member Jason Berry, was able to see the game first hand at a press event SEGA held in San Francisco last Tuesday. You can read Sonic Stadium?s preview later, live at 5pm BST.

To check out some screenshots from the game, check out our gallerybelow the fold!

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Awesome news. Finally :D

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If it's for the Wii U at launch then maybe I'll get it for online play but as is I don't need any other kart racer than MK7 on my 3DS.

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I loved the first Sonic & Sega Racing, but as bonesaw said, MK7 is all I need for my kart racing fill for 3DS, though I too will be picking it up if it's released on Wii U to fill the gap until MKWiiU is released.
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I'd probably bet it's also going to be on the Wii U once E3 comes around and SEGA wants to keep it secret until then.
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the first Sonic & All-Stars Racing was surprisingly awesome so i am excited for this one
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Probably going for the WiiU version but I'm sure the 3DS version will be great too.
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If it's for the Wii U at launch then maybe I'll get it for online play but as is I don't need any other kart racer than MK7 on my 3DS.


this...mario kart is all i need....maybe if i was a sega/sonic fanatic id get this... but im not.

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I'm curious to see what 3DS versions of multiplatform games can be like. I always became saddened when checking out DS versions of games. Those screens are definitely not from the 3DS version, but it could still look pretty sweet.