Some Games Not Working On My Wii. Why??? And Help!!!

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#1 Posted by The_Wii_Lover (303 posts) -

I Recently bought some games like:

Iron Man

The Incredible Hulk

Super Smash Brawl.

But they are all not working some other games are working thought. if you now how can make them work plz reply

#2 Posted by Sabin55 (361 posts) -

If they are new games then more than likley the lens is dirty in the Wii. Games like Super Smash where it is duel layerd disk are harder to read with a dirty lens. On my Wii I cant get Super Smash Bros to load up. If you smoke while you play the Wii it will dirty the lens quicker.

Search for some lens cleaners or some do it yourself solutions.

#3 Posted by loco145 (10775 posts) -
Dirty lens. Cigar smoke kills the wii.
#4 Posted by wiifun (12 posts) -
Maybe you are using an other region games????
#5 Posted by SUPA_GLUSTEE (958 posts) -

yeah, you might be useing other region games