So we can't trade Mega Stones? Thats a bunch of BS.

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I had bought both X and Y at launch so I could just get every Pokémon I wanted, I wanted X version to be my main, only to find out you cant trade Mega Stones on the GTS...WTF I bought both games cause Gamefreak is all about trading. I beat both X and Y's story, I have every Mega Stone I can get and Pokémon on X and got the Stones that are only in Y, but you cant trade them over...bunch of BS Gamefreak.

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I just traded a Charmeleon with Charizardite Y to my friend who has X, and she traded it back. We can trade mega stones, but not on GTS. Maybe borrow a friend's 3DS to send your mega stones?

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Yeah, just found out you can trade them with friends. Thank goodness my cousin was a good sport about it. Traded my Pokémon with the Y Stones to his why, then I went on my X version and he traded them back. So now I have every Mega Stone at least known currently lol in X. Still gotta get half the actual Pokémon but that's no issue.

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Does this mean you have to do a local trade or just trade with a friend?

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@Sora278: Either local or online. My friend lives on the other side of the United States and it worked fine.

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Ah alright, still going to be hard to find someone to give me their Mega stones.

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Hmm that's kinda lame. Wonder why you can't trade them over GTS?