So that AE Games Title....

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Doesn't look anything's coming out of that... We're closing out the day, and still... Nothing. Oh well.. I wasn't expecting much.

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It's up now.

It's a simplistic sounding football game that uses historical figures as players instead of generic people.

The description makes it sound like this is one guy's first attempt at a video game. That's not to disparage him at all, but first attempts usually aren't that exciting for anyone but the person who made it. He'll learn a lot of lessons from it, I'm sure.

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@JordanElek: I figured this whole ordeal was a product of overreaction. I doubt this announcement was supposed to blow up like it did.

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I have a funny feeling AE games is going to get sued because of the name of the game which is mad men.AMC owns the mad man name.I hope that guy is able to compete the game without worrying about gettting sued.

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@super600: I hope he changes the name regardless. Mad Men Football has nothing to do with his core idea of historical figures playing football, unless all of those figures lived in the 60s... :\

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@JordanElek: All those guys were mad, like George Washington.

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They are totally different. Cant get sued, that's like me saying I remember a time were there was a lot of mad men at the end of my street....You cant sue someone over mad men...

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