So if I were to get an Etrian Odyssey game...

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I'm new to the EO games, and I've heard great things about both IV and Untold. Which game do veterans recomend? I'm not averse to a challenge (on my second playthrough of Dark Souls) and I love games like Dragon Quest. I'm fully aware of the make your own map system and skill trees and stuff, I just want to know if IV or Untold is the game to get for a newcomer. Thanks in advance!

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I just started IV and if you like old school roleplaying game you will love it. From what I understand Untold is a remake of the first Etrian Odyssey so keep that in mind when making your decision. When I play a game from a franchise for the first time I always like to go with the newest entry.

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I say go with 4 because it's that damn good. After you've played and beaten all of 4, then go get Untold.

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I so far like Untold better. I like there being story in my games, and the idea of a Canadian paladin who is a noble lady from the distant kingdom of Ontario tickles me. Untold is the game to get if you are a newcomer with its story mode and all the streamlining from 4. Its even got an automap option if you don't want to do it.

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Sweet, thanks guys. I was unclear if Untold had the "easier" settings IV had, I'll probably go with Untold.

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There is one correct answer, the first one

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I would say skip both and buy Dark Spire.. but that is just me