So I finally sold out

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And got a 2DS. I looked at the 3DS but it felt like the 2DS fit in my hands better. I am not a huge fan of the buttons. I feel they're too tiny. Its too easy to be spoiled on the buttons on Nintendo consoles, so when I mess with the buttons on this it feels more toyish. Otherwise its as advertised. I don't have the 3D business but everything else is pretty good.

What I'm missing is some games. I had a OG DS back in the day but sold it so I missed out on plenty of games. I'm hoping for some suggestions oh wise and powerful GS people. What games on DS/3DS should I go after? I'm into pretty much everything so don't think any suggestion is too weird.

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you monster! :O

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? 2DS is great..more comfortable to hold than original 3DS. Waiting for Nintendo to release 2DS XL ..if not I will probably get 3DS XL when its on sale. Hand cramping up when using original 3DS. :P

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Well I have to agree on 2DS, its much lighter and of course a bit more better to handle, for me the only reason I got 3DS XL was because of the XL, I would get 3DS regular or moreovera 2DS. You won't have to worry about hinges or clicks either just avoid dropping the damn 2DS...

welp I suggest you get these games for a start :D

1. Zelda Series (link to the past or ocarina of time)

2. Mario Games (luigi's mansion is also one)

3. Pokemon X/Y (it's adventurous and fun)

4. Kingdom Hearts 3D (if you crave action RPG)

5. Project X zone (if you crave tactical action RPG with lots of characters everywhere)

6. Fire Emblem (more tactial action RPG)

7.Bravely Default (RPG)

8. Code of Princess (Sidescrolling action with boobs)

9. Castlevania Mirror of Fate (sidescrolling 3D miniature version of Castlevania Lords of Shadows Series)

well there are tons but those are the ones that i'm actually planning to get, anyways if you don't like them, i don't mind, but I suggest you read some reviews about the games first or watch trailers so you can clarify whether you like the game or not :D

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Check out Age of Empires: Age of Kings for the DS. I have easily played that more than any other DS game. The Final Fantasy games are a good choice, too.

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I think the 3d makes the games feel like something different than what everyone is used to and adds to my enjoyment, especially the Nintendo dev. games. But the 2ds is a great way to save money and still enjoy some great games. Just dont play any of the games you get on someones 3ds XL for comparison and you should be fine.

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@juboner: I thought about that too but my eyes are already jacked up and I wear glasses so I doubt I'd really enjoy the 3D effects. The only thing I'd miss on the 3DSXL is the screen size. If I could get the 2DS with the XL screen I'd probably be in heaven.

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@bunchanumbers: @bunchanumbers: Have you ever played a 3ds xl with lets say 3d land? Even if it hurt your eyes it still looks pretty awesome with the depth and images coming out of the screen.

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I am considering getting a 2DS. My biggest reservation is that it might be harder to reach the L button when using the dpad. (the dpad and slider should've been swapped imo) There's also the problem of having to decide on a color (not a problem with Sony handhelds I must say) but I am currently leaning toward red/black.

The games I'm primarily interested in:

  • Resident Evil Revelations
  • Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D
  • Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy
  • Castlevania Mirror of Fate
  • and maybe the NES Zeldas
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Congrats and enjoy your 2DS. Pick up Lock's Quest for cheap at GameStop on DS. Shin Megami Tensei IV is also a great RPG on 3DS that's good for beginners or new fans.

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@superbuuman said:

? 2DS is great..more comfortable to hold than original 3DS. Waiting for Nintendo to release 2DS XL ..if not I will probably get 3DS XL when its on sale. Hand cramping up when using original 3DS. :P

If you have anything but the hands of a child, the 3dsxl is just as bad. Hand cramping is still a major problem with it. The design of the 2ds eliminates this for me.

Ah ok thanks...haven't held a 3DS XL...only held a 2DS cause bro in law owns one. :P

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I thought the hand cramping thing was only me. Maybe I got spoiled on the comfortable controllers on consoles but handhelds have rarely been a comfortable experience with me. I was hoping that Nintendo was going to release a 3DS player so that 3DS games could be played on the Wii U but that never happened. 2DS is probably my best chance to play 3DS games in relative comfort. Thanks for the suggestions guys I'm hoping to look at all these games in the near future.