Should i get a 3DS or PS4?

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Hello people, i wanted to get a console this year, right now i'm playing all my games on PC.

Firstly i was thinking of getting PS4, because i simply can't resist playing MGS Ground Zeroes lol, with many cool games coming like Destiny, AC Unity this, i was thinking of getting it. But games this year are really limited on PS4, 2015 is the main year for getting a PS4 i guess.

So if i won't get a PS4, i want to go for a 3DS. Mainly because it's portable and i can use it on a variety of places easily, it has a fairly large library of games.

Should i wait till 2015 to get PS4 or should i go for it?, or just get a 3DS?.


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You might get some better answers from System Wars, but if I were you I'd get the 3DS now and the PS4 later. That way you'll have more games to play this year as you wait for 2015.

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@ANIMEguy10034: Yes man you're right, i guess i will go with the 3DS then. Thanks.

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I bought a 3DS last month, already owning a ps3. Though I'm not a kid, I greatly enjoy playing Zelda and bought MGS 3 too, as well as a few other games not yet played. 'Pullblox' was supposed to be a brain-teasing puzzle game but it is far too easy/boring. I like the fact that the 3DS is portable and the menu and controls are well done. On the other hand, if you haven't played Last of Us yet, you really should! Best of luck.

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a 3ds.

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Get a 3DS! Great fun for everyone!

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I recommend a 3DS now and then a PS4 later in 2015. The library of games on the 3DS is just outstanding.