sent my 3dsxl off to repair but they didnt want to repair it i got a question

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#1 Posted by mariokart64fan (19355 posts) -

do i still get my downloads back has any one had issues like this where warranty didnt cover it and had to send it back unrepaired? i have another 3ds 2 in fact until i buy another 3ds xl but i need to know if i can transfer my games back over

#2 Posted by mariokart64fan (19355 posts) -

i guess ill just call nintendo when i get my product back i can still see everything just got blotches on screen i ll be calling up their 1800 number again and complaining if my purchases are gone ,

#3 Posted by trugs26 (5237 posts) -

I've sent my 3DS twice now. Both times they were covered under warranty. One time, I beleive they replaced the whole unit. Everything was still intact on the software side; everything from your downloadable games to the amount of footsteps you've taken.

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The guy warned me if they had to replace a unit, you might lose data. It seems like most people do not though. Mine was just repaired. Got it back good as new.