Resident Evil Revelations - Wii U or 3DS?

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I have both a 3DS XL and Wii U, and have yet to play Resident Evil Revelations. Should I get it on the Wii U or 3DS?

I realize the console port is supposed to be enhanced, but I'm wondering if there's something in the appeal of the game that might be lost in the transition. Anybody out there who has experienced both?

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Oooh... this is a tough one.

I've played the Wii U version for 5 hours (I've gotten 100% on the 3DS beforehand) and I have noticed that the controls are easier to use because it offers more mobility in combat, but the aiming and camera can get pretty awkward since the game was designed on the 3DS. The controls on the Wii U are better, but they're not as tight as RE4. The Wii U version also suffers from framerate issues when there's a lot of enemies on the screen and the textures are not that impressive, but it's expected from a handheld-to-console port. Bigger screens and speakers does amplify the atmosphere better than the 3DS version, and the extra features and improved online make the Wii U version the definitive version.

The only things lost in the transition are portability and the wow factor of seeing such an impressive game on a handheld. Besides that, I would recommend the Wii U version.

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if u have a circle pad pro i think get it for the 3ds. but i dont advise the wiiu version, actually i dont advise any console version. i played the demo of the console version and there is something wrong witht he controls. the analog aiming for the console version is messed up.the analog aiming on consoles is not responsive u have to move the analog to max corners in order for it to move.

anyways the demo is available for both. check em both and get the one that feels better for u. but as for my advice i say go witht he 3ds version

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i think if you never played get the wiiu version...

but since i already played it on 3ds then i never bought the wiiu version.

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3DS is the best version. It should never have left being a 3DS exclusive. I got it for the 3DS when it came out (No stupid circle pad pro) and its great. I don't know anybody who got it on a home console.

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@lamprey263: I would get Wii-U version unless portability is a big deal for you. I beat the game on the 3DS, and have played a fair bit on Wii-U. Wii-U version feels better to control. Even with the 3DS circle pad pro, the Wii-U's analogs feel better, and the buttons are bigger, and better bumpers and triggers. Wii-U version also has some extra content I believe. Main reasons for Wii-U version though is you can play it on the big screen, better graphics in most ways and plays at a higher resolution so it looks a lot sharper. Wii-U version is clearly better, and unless portability is important to you, or price, than get the Wii-U version. The 3DS version does have a really nice 3D effect though, which is nice, but it doesn't change the overall experience.

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I bought it for 3DS. There are already lots of games like this to play on Wii U (and in Wii mode).

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resident evil revelation its garbage dont buy it