Resident Evil Revelations - $9.99 eshop

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#1 Posted by Soulreavercross (19890 posts) -

Just downloaded Resident Evil Revelations for the bargain price of $9.99 from the 3DS eshop. If you don't own the game yet, I'd recommend you check it out at the discounted price because it is for a limited time.

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I've already played it when it was $39.99 at retail price. Great game. Hope you enjoy. :)

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I've been holding off because I was thinking about playing it on consoles, but this price looks interesting.

#4 Posted by moltenix (2487 posts) -

If you haven't played it yet, get it now! It's an awesome game and better than RE6. =P

The Wii U eShop version is also on sale (although for $20) if anyone is interested in that.

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ya...definitely worth it & better game than RE6. :)

#6 Posted by ItsEvolution (2593 posts) -

I need a 2DS Circle Pad Pro lol

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I think now is the time for me to jump onto the WiiU eShop and get it.

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I bought the retail copy when it came out then sold it because I got frustrated with the controls - but $9.99 is tempting and I have that $30 eShop credit. I'm not sure .. hmmm.

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$9.99 is a fantastic price for a great game!

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If anyone in Canada prefers a hard copy of the game, you can buy it used at Best Buy for 50% off - it's about $12.50 before tax, so it's almost the same price as the eShop version.

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How long will this game be on sale ?

I spent my last e-shop money on Ace Attorney and the soonest I'll be able to get some more is on monday.

#12 Posted by Haziqonfire (36344 posts) -

@R4gn4r0k: Until the 31st of this month.

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Great, that gives me enough time to get an eshop card :)

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Yup that's an awesome deal for a spectacular game. I feel like I haven't played enough Raid Mode yet.