resident evil 4 " crystal ball" help!!

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wich ways do i turn the crystal ball in the door???
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I was just wondering if you could be a bit more vague?
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in really had no clue. what i did was that i picked up, down, left, right (if that was the order of ur choices) until it opened.
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it's either down left, or down right when u first go to it. not really that hard...
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dude its common sense, match the orb to the picture on the wall...
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its simple, when you first see it, turn it up, then to the left, but im sure if youve played around with it for a minute or 2, youve most likely already figured it out
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lol you could get it by accident.
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Save urself the humiliation next time and get a walkthrough at
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red pointer left green pointer right blue pointer down.combine
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If you can't get that puzzle, then you're pretty much screwed, dude. Might as well sell the game on Ebay.
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If you are stuck on the crystal ball you might need help with the later puzzles in the game. IMO these puzzles are generally a lot easier than previousResident Evil games.

You can complete the crystal ball puzzle in just two moves, just make sure you take notice of the emblem marks on the door.

Any other problems you could always visit-