Require Technical Audio advice on Wii U

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So im thinking of picking up a Wii U in time to play mario kart and Zelda WW hd.

To my surprise i found out the Wii U has no optical output.....

What makes it more difficult for me is im a projector user so no TV speakers via hdmi. Also i use a Logitech Z5500 5.1 speaker system which has optical, coax and 3 connections (6 channel direct) as showen in image below....

At first i read i had no options as Wiiu couldnt run hdmi and av outputs at same time but ive read since there has been a update and you can now use hdmi for video and the AV out connection for audio. You can select where audio comes from....

So my question is can i run wii u with hdmi to projector and is there any cable i can use via the av out to get me audio with my z5500 speaker? Im thinking the av cable red and white into a 3.5mm jack into green connection??

Im more than happy with this speaker system and know one solution is to get new reciever and speakers but doing it just for the Wii u is not a option. I love this speaker system and it sounds great with my PS4.

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well wiiu has two video/audio out connections...

1- hdmi

2- the other is for component/composite( you can use your old wii cables)

theorticall you can use the hdmi for your tv and the red and white from the composite/component connection for sound...

i never tried this though.

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Yeah, pretty much if you want surround sound, you need to have a receiver that supports HDMI surround.

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Maybe u can get PL2 with your composite to 3.5mm

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You wont be getting real surround sound with red/white cables but its probably the best you can do with the equipment you got. I actually went out and got a brand new receiver for like $250 when I read about Wii U not having an optical audio port.

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@JuanGrande386: Does it have good surround, I dont think they are using Dolby Digital so curious?

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Heres a copy and paste from another forum about Wii U surround sound.


I have an AV Receiver with an HDMI input. I'm guaranteed to get surround, huh?

Maybe. As well as needing an HDMI input on the back of your AVR, it must support LPCM 5.1 over HDMI. Some older HDMI receivers only accepts LPCM 2.0 (so you will only get stereo). Some AVRs just do HDMI pass-though, which is video only. Check your AVR user manual to confirm it supports six (or more) channel LPCM via HDMI.

Can I hook my Wii U up to my HTiB to get surround?

Maybe. See above. If you have an HDMI input and it supports LPCM 5.1, you will be OK. If you just have optical or analogue inputs, then no, you'll just get plain stereo.

I have an older AV Receiver or HTiB that doesn't have HDMI. I can still get surround, yeah?

No. If your receiver doesn't support HDMI, you won't get surround.

What if I use the optical output from my TV and hook that into my receiver/HTiB? I'll get surround then?

No. You will just get plain stereo.

But the above works for my 360/PS3/DVD etc?

They all output DD or DTS, which works over optical. The Wii U just outputs LPCM 5.1, which doesn't.

What if I get an HDMI to optical spliiter? That will work?

No. Optical will never produce surround from the Wii U, as optical doesn't have the bandwidth to carry LPCM 5.1 audio.

What if I...

Dude, seriously. It's not going to work.

So how do I get surround then?

Join the 21st century and buy a modern AV Receiver (sorry).

What the hell is LPCM anyway?

LPCM is a lossless, uncompressed audio format, which results in the best possible sound. It is unrelated to DD, DTS etc, and requires the large bandwidth of HDMI to send the 5.1 audio stream to a receiver. Optical doesn't have the bandwidth to carry LPCM 5.1.

What about in Wii Mode? Does DPII still work?

Only on a per-game basis.

As of Firmware 4.0.0, DPII has been added back into Wii Mode. As long as the original Wii game supported DPII, it will output surround on the WiiU.