Question about the Wii U (from one of the videos)

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#1 Posted by mrguy123 (151 posts) -

I noticed that the player was playing what appeared to be Wii Sports Golf and the gamepad on the ground showed the ball. Was this the existing Wii Sports Golf game or a new one yet to be released? My question is this: does the Wii U Gamepad add little things like that to existing Wii games? Thanks!

#2 Posted by scoots9 (3252 posts) -

The Wii U gamepad cannot be used with Wii games. To play Wii games the Wii U boots into the Wii Operating System, at which point it only works with Wii software and Wii acessories. It essentially becomes a Wii, minus the gamecube ports.

#3 Posted by mrguy123 (151 posts) -
So that was a future-release golf game in the video?
#4 Posted by Master_Of_Fools (1414 posts) -
It was just a tech demo. Not a real game. Just showing off the things that can be done with Wii U. Like being able to play Reversi lol.
#5 Posted by AlmightyDerek (4144 posts) -

Yeah it may end up being a game someday but right now it was just to show off a concept that can be done with the Wii U.