Pokemon X/Y or B2/W2?

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#1 Posted by freezeboy948 (6 posts) -

I just finished Pokemon White. Is the sequel worth getting or should I just get X/Y. If B2/W2 is pretty much the same as White then I don't want to get it.

#2 Posted by JML897 (33120 posts) -

X/Y >>>>> B2/W2

#3 Posted by turtlethetaffer (16609 posts) -

If you've played Black or White, and have yet to play their sequels, just get X or Y. for people who HAVEN'T played Black or White, Black 2 or white 2 are THE definitive games to get. But for people like me, too much of it felt rehashed, despite some cool new additions (several of which are sadly gone from X and Y). Still, just get X and Y, unless you really feel the need to play the sequels to B/W (which, honestly, felt like an expansion pack). Still aren't bad games, especially if you didn't play the original Black or White, but X and Y are definitely newer.

#4 Posted by moltenix (2483 posts) -

If you only just recently beaten White, just jump straight to XY.

B2W2 were good games with the extra features they added (compared to BW) but it wouldn't feel much different if you played them back-to-back.

#5 Posted by Kenny789 (10178 posts) -

Just jump into X/Y