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I am building my pokemon team ..and this is my team now..

Chesnaught lvl. 81

Needle Arm

Seed bomb

Spiky shield

Close combat....

i think my chesnaught's moveset sucks :D

Talonflame lvl 79

Brave bird

Flare blitz

Acrobatics (if possible)

Steel wing

Barbaracle lvl 80

Stone edge


Cross chop

Razor shell

Gardevoir lvl. 81

Shadow ball


Dazzling gleam

Focus blast

Aegislash lvl. 80

Kings shield

Sacred sword

Iron head

Shadow claw

Garchomp lvl. 80

Dragon rush



- - - - (any suggestions?)

so this is my pokemon team i hope you like btw i need some suggestions because i will be challenging my school mate in a pokemon battle this summer ...

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How does Chesnaught have Close Combat? How does Garchomp have Extremespeed? They can't learn those moves...

Iron Head is a great move for Garchomp because it deals with Ice and Fairy. However, it's only available through egg move. Give it Fire Fang (or Fire Blast, mostly used against Skarmory). Poison Jab or Stone Edge are good moves as well.

Everything else looks pretty solid. Summer is an awfully long time to wait for a battle.