Pokemon X Breeding Question???

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I am trying to get a Fletchling with Adamant Nature and Gale Wings.

Now I have a Female Fletchling with Adament Nature, and a Male Fletchling with Gale Wings.

My question is can I breed the 2 of them and get an egg that gives me a Fletchling with the Mothers Adamant Nature and the Fathers Gale wings ability? I have been using a Japanese Ditto and have tried putting the Male with Diito, and Female with Ditto. No luck yet.

So if I give the female Everstone will I get what I want more likely?

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Give the female an everstone. Males can now pass down abilities, but there's a chance it won't. Keep breeding those two together and eventually you will get a Fletchling with Adamant and Gale Wings.

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@ANIMEguy10034: Hmm this guy on Gamefaqs told me this.

"Breeding a regular female with a male with the hidden ability will never result in a baby with the hidden ability. The mother needs to be the one with the hidden ability in this case, not the father.

If you breed the male with a Ditto, however, you can get babies with Gale Wings.

So, what you want to do is breed your two current Fletchlings together until you get a male with an Adamant nature, then breed the Gale Wings male with a Ditto until you get a female with Gale Wings. From there, you put the Everstone on the male and breed it with the female with Gale Wings"

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Oh, right. I completely forgot it only works with Ditto. :P

Yeah, that guy's correct. :)

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I see. So since I have a Female with Gale Wings, I have to get a Male that's Adamant...Sheesh I have hatched like 300 and only the 1 that was Adamant was female...