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If that's the case, does Heatran turn into Volcanion? And Shuppet into Hoppa?

Hmm... good question. I assume the relation with Carbink is Diancie's gimmick, like Manaphy with Phione. Volcanion and Hoopa does not have too many similarities with Heatran and Shuppet, respectively. I do wonder if Volcanion is the mysterious pokemon that caused the Lumiose black out. I remember some NPC mentioning a lava pokemon. Hopefully Volcanion can be found in the power plant because there are 3 unlocked doors and not knowing their purpose is annoying the hell out of me.

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Hmm I honestly didn't think Carbink could turn into it, but I guess so. If that's the case, does Heatran turn into Volcanion? And Shuppet into Hoppa?

I don't see the connection between Heatran/Volcanion and Shuppet/Hoppa

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@ANIMEguy10034: So you can't access those doors yet huh? Dang. Well, idk, I guess Volcanion would be pretty interesting since it's water/fire type. I don't think any pokemon is fire and water type yet. I'm sure it would learn Scald! Apparently Hoopa is also a new combination with psychic and ghost, which is pretty hard to believe. Could have sworn Misdreavus was part psychic, but I guess not.

@sonictrainer: I was only being half-serious. Those are the two pokemon that looked most similar to Volcanion and Hoppa at first thought. They probably have nothing to do with either one, especially since neither pokemon is featured prominently in 6th gen. They are probably more likely to have something to do with a newer pokemon like Carbink, if anything.

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[Not sure if I should put this in spoiler tag since it has already been mentioned here but as a rumor]

As some of you may already know, gameplay videos of Mega Latios and Latias have been appearing online.

These two mega evolutions are yet to be officially revealed by Nintendo or Gamefreak, but hackers have proven that they're in the games' coding.