Pokemon: LF mega stones and xerneas

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#1 Posted by TIGERLIONX (906 posts) -

hi everyone

im looking for this items and pokemon

charizardite x



i have for trade:

charmanders with 4-5 IVs timid

Charmander solar power with crunch, dragon dance and dragon pulse, random IVs and nature

elekid naive 4-5 IVs with ice punch

ferroseed relaxed, 31/31/31/x/31/0 leech seed, spikes and stealth rock

thanks and let me know

#2 Posted by IamOverrated4GS (18 posts) -

add me FC: 1134-8539-0703

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Pokemon X and Y ROM Download (Working + English): http://bit.ly/1ddXD1n

Working Nintendo 3DS Emulator Download: http://3dsemulator.us/

#4 Posted by Master_Of_Fools (1235 posts) -

You can buy Charizard X cant you? But I take it you have Y, just get X. I have both so I got every megastone and mega pokemon.

#5 Posted by TIGERLIONX (906 posts) -

if any of you have one of the item i need please leave your FC and the item you have and which pokemon you want for it