Pokemon Evolution trades blues

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So I havent played Pokemon since Green and just got a 3DS XL the other day. This is my first handheld since the PSP first came out (and didnt last long for me). I grabbed Pokemon Platinum because people recomended to start there. I found out to evolve certain pokemon, you need to trade. But there is noone in the trade rooms it seems. Or maybe I just dont know what Im doing.

Either way, is there anyone out there with Platinum on their DS who can help me out? i know the glitch exists where I can just put them in the trade screen and pull them out but honestly have no clue.

And why is this a feature? To promote connectivity I guess? O_o

FC: 0791-1542-4879

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I've got Platinum and HeartGold, I can help you. Or also we could trade if you want. PM me. Here's my FC: 4471 0311 6957
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Sent a PM but the FC code didnt work.