Pokemon Bank postponed. Your thoughts?

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As you may or may not have noticed, Nintendo has pulled the PokeBank and Transporter from the Japanese and Korean eShops, and has delayed the release of it for the rest of the world. This was due to massive server strain caused by so many people downloading and using the Bank, downloading games, and registering their WiiU's or Nintendo IDs (or whatever it was).

I don't get how the hell Nintendo did not see this: They're releasing an app that is obviously going to be very popular, and on Christmas, when a lotta people are gonna be online (utilizing Nintendo's servers). How did they not think that there would be server issues when you do something like that? I was looking forward to the Bank; now I gotta wait even longer.

Whatcha all think?

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what i want to say is “GOD DAMN,i wont trust the nintendo anymore”. they should know there would be a lotta people using the bank or doing something else on the server during Christmas...BUT they did nothing to the server.SO i gotta to say go to hell..

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Eh, it's Nintendo, are we really going to act surprised when they fuck up something that focuses on a internet connection?

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I'm very annoyed. Hopefully this does not happen again.

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Stupid. It's late enough already.

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On the 27th I was very disappointed and depressed because I was anticipating it a lot and have my teams ready to get transferred, but today i'm like...fuck it...nintendo and internet...why I am not surprised. There is no point in me stressing over it anymore, it's not serving any purpose. When it happens, it happens.

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So the PokeBank is availalbe in the Asian eShops again....

Hope that means an international release is coming sometime this week.

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Better late than never. Hopefully it's this week.

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Honestly I don't play Pokemon enough to warrant purchasing Pokemon bank. Or transfer, whichever one you need to buy.