Pokemon B&W or SS&HG

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Its been a while since i played the series (literally since red, blue and yellow)

which in the series would be the best to someone that has had no interaction with the series since the original games?


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Black & White. Soul Silver and Heart Gold are remakes of Gold/Silver/Crystal, which means you play in the region just west of where you played the original games (Johto), as well as the original region (Kanto). While it's a great nostalgia trip, and I'm glad I've played them, it kind of has this expectation that you already know what's going on. B&W have a completely original 150, and you can't get ones from other games until after you beat the Elite Four. This makes it easier to immerse yourself in it, since there's a sense of newness that the games haven't had for a while (this is coming from one who got all 151 in Red, got bored in Gold, and didn't touch the series again until Black). By starting anew with Black or White, you'll feel like you're playing something that doesn't require you to have immediate memories of anything, but it will open you up to old stuff AFTER you've finished the main story.
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Cheers for that.

i actually lie, i remember playing pearl version 5 years ago but it did very little for me. felt a bit.....meh? wasnt a fan of mixing old and new pokemon. either all or nothing. think black and white are in game sales tomorrow anyway so ill probably give white a go (most people i know have black)

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If haven't played since Red and Blue I'd recommend Heartgold/Soulsilver. GSC were awesome sequels and the remakes are even better, and coming off the first gen of games they've got tons of references and throwbacks to the originals, along with being able to explore Kanto two years after the events of the first game.

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.....im torn

first world problems occuring right now

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.....im torn

first world problems occuring right now


I guess get B&W if you want something new and different, or HG&SS if you want something nostalgic and familiar.

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ill probs go with HG first and then move on to white.

been doing some reading. think i need the familiarity to get back in to the pokeswing of things

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There's no choice to be made

Silver and Gold are awful Pokemon games only made so the Pokemon would be transferable with the DS systems.

So do you want to fail? If so choose Silver or Gold

If you don't want to fail pick Black or White (2)

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Might as well go for Black and White. Lots of content, more pokémon and better online battles. The cool thing about SS and HG are that one pokémon follows you outside the pokéball.

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My vote goes to BW.

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Pokemon Black, Black 2, White, or White 2

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Im for ss or hg. I have black, white, black 2 white 2, diamond and ss. And ss got me familiar with some of the newer stuff and it has a ton of stuff to do