Phantom Hourglass VS. Spirit Tracks

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#1 Posted by videog (327 posts) -

I have neither so which one should I get?

#2 Posted by LaytonsCat (3652 posts) -

I would get PH first, ST is a sequel so you would enjoy it more having played PH. I enjoyed PH more as well, but the general view on this board is that ST is the better of the two

#3 Posted by hotdiddykong (2048 posts) -

Both of them are great however gameplay wise, Spirit Tracks wins, it improves the system and flaws Phantom Hourglass had and had more interesting aspects. Phantom Hourglass is still a good game, its just only superiority is if you like boats better than trains and Linebeck

#4 Posted by Euaggelistes (1826 posts) -

I never played Phantom Hourglass but Spirit Tracks is awesome.

#5 Posted by Bubble_Man (3095 posts) -

Neither of them were very good, imo.

#6 Posted by Meinhard1 (6786 posts) -
Spirit Tracks -- was WAY better, imo. The overworld is more interesting (ocean = boring ), the music is much better, and it's an overall more polished game. PH had more timed stuff, which I didn't like.
#7 Posted by Minishdriveby (10335 posts) -
Phantom Hourglass wins for me. Spirit Tracks doesn't eliminate the things the things that most people complained about in Phantom Hourglass, and the over world is on-rails.