Paper Mario Sticker Star on Nov 11, Luigi's Mansion delayed to 2013 in NA

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We finally have a release date for Paper Mario and other 3DS games in the holiday lineup!

I'm a bit disappointed that Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon is being pushed to 2013 though (it seems like everything is being pushed to 2013...).


Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Delayed

Edit 1: Included another link as I didn't see any mention of Dark Moon being delayed in the first newsfeed.

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I feel pretty much the same, I want Luigi's Mansion!! Will get Paper Mario though.

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Nintendo 3DS

Aksys Games Localization, Inc. Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward Oct. 23
D3Publisher Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Whyd You Steal Our Garbage?! Fall
Disney Interactive Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion Nov. 18
Nintendo New Super Mario Bros. 2 Aug. 19
Nintendo Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask Oct. 28
Nintendo Paper Mario: Sticker Star Nov. 11

Nintendo eShop

Nicalis Cave Story Q3
Nintendo Pokémon Dream Radar Oct. 7
Nintendo Pokédex 3D Pro Nov. 8
Nintendo Fluidity: Spin Cycle Q4
Nintendo Wario Land II Q4

Nintendo DS

Nintendo Pokémon Black Version 2 Oct. 7
Nintendo Pokémon White Version 2 Oct. 7

Out of everything listed, this is what I have interest in. I'm wondering why Cave Story is there since the DSiWare version is already on the shop (that's the one I own). Also it should be noted this is a partial list. It's lacking stuff likeCastlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirrors of Fate.

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And still no news on Animal Crossing.

I'll definitely be getting Paper Mario though.

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Darn! I was only looking forward to New Super Mario Bros.2 and Luigi's Mansion (especially this game) this year.

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Wow holiday line up feels dead but, i bet 2013 will have alot since they're pushing Luigi's mansion 2 and Animal crossing into it.:D

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well at least we get paper mario, professor layton and pokemon, plus some of the other games coming out on the other consoles, i will have a full plate of games for the rest of the year.

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I'm probably the only person who had Luigi's Mansion 2 as there most anticipated game since forever. Oh well I can wait another year I suppose.

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And what about Animal Crossing: 3D Village!!??

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Eh whatever, I wasn't going to get Luigi's Mansion this year if it did came so and it good that Nintendo are spreading out their games. Last Reward and Paper Mario will keep my 3DS love strong through the rest of the year and into next year.

Also what Cave Story doing on there? Is there going to be a updated e-shop version of it?

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Luckily I'm not in much of a rush for Luigi's mansion. The best piece of news here is that Style Savvy 2 has a release date! :D

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I don't mind waiting for Luigi's Mansion. I'm very excited for Professor Layton. :D

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Good to have a date set, I'll be getting it.
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Luigi's Mansion was one of the only games I was actually looking forward to this year, that really sucks.
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Nothing really standing out for me in this list to be honest, may pick up a few.
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With all of these delays, Nintendo's line-up for the fall is looking pretty disappointing. Also, I'm sorry to say it Nintendo, but I'm getting really sick of Mario games. Please give me something that isn't a rehash, por favor?

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Luigi's Mansion being moved to next year isn't a huge deal breaker considering it's lower on my 3DS wishlist then others. Professor Layton and Pokemon Black 2 will most likely be my next purchases seeing as I already have NSMB2 paid off.
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Seeing as how luigi's mansion dark moon and castlevania are now delayed there isnt much im even looking forward to. Those were easily two of my most anticipated games of this year, 2012 as it stands now is one of the weakest years in gaming i can remember.

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Haha, still no news on Animal Crossing. I haven't broken out in impatient anger... yet. :P I'd still say that's a solid list though. I'm interested in: Professor Layton Paper Mario: Sticker Star Pokemon Black 2 New Super Mario Bros. 2 Feel like I should also add Ocarina of Time to that list since I don't have it yet.
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Just as well, I'm cutting back on spending money on video games...

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That is certainly disappointing on Luigi's Mansion, but considering that NSMB2, Professor Layton, Epic Mickey and Paper Mario are all coming out this year, I would say I have plenty to play.

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Extremely lackluster nintendo. They seriously have no big Holiday title. New Super Mario Bros. 2 looks soo soo meh. and Im still not sure about Paper Mario.

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Extremely lackluster nintendo. They seriously have no big Holiday title. New Super Mario Bros. 2 looks soo soo meh. and Im still not sure about Paper Mario.

what not to be sure about? It's paper mario gone back to it's rpg roots
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Well, I know what I'll be getting on November 11th.

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I might buy Paper Mario and I'm also interested in that 999 sequel.