Overhyped GTA 5 wins GOTY at VGX typical.

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Well big shock overhyped GTA 5 wins. A game that launched with issues and deleting peoples profiles and such. Man this VGX is painful to watch. Only sticking around to see what Reggie has to show.

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It was GTA easily

Second would be the Last of Us

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Yeah, GTAV was clearly the GOTY due to how much hype and good criticism it got, regardless of its issues.

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@Jaysonguy: I don't even want to deal with you. So just leave.

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So the only thing Reggie reveals is Cranky Kong in Tropical Freeze and a North American release date? Pretty disappointing, but I guess it was expected since he teased his appearance while talking about Tropical Freeze in that GameTrailers video.

They could have announced the Tropical Freeze stuff in a normal Direct, but meh, it's Nintendo. You sometimes can't predict them.

By the way, has the VGAs ever been this awkward to watch? I expected a stage with a large audience, but I see three guys talking in what seems to be an empty room with two people clapping. Maybe I'm watching the wrong stream? Doesn't seem like what you would expect for their 10th anniversary.

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@Jaysonguy: I don't even want to deal with you. So just leave.


But I do respect you being wrong, I'm not out to correct you, just to show you that there's still time to be right every once and a while.

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