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Hey all

You've probably heard all about the fake GTA IV release for Wii, so I wont to put the emphasis on "STYLE" in my post.

I love GTA, but I also love the Wii, and while I understand that it is unlikely that the two shall meet (due to graphics, etc, etc), I would love (lots of love floating around today) to know if there are any games with the same 'stlye' or are there any games likely to come out soon with the same 'style' as GTA on the Wii?

I would also be interested in any games that have an open-ended gameplay like GTA. I love the concept of just cruzin' round doing stuff. This is the same reason I play WoW. I don't care if it's stylistic, animated, 'real', mythological, 'old school', etc.

So, to emphasis again, I'm looking for ideas, rumours, etc, cause I know that there is no GTA, but anything like it (or like WoW, etc), then I'd love to hear about it.



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GTA has graphics the Wii can't handle?
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I think The Godfather and Scarface for Wii fall into this category, I haven't played them but I've heard people say they're good.
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get scarface. its the best wii game no one ever played. (next to zw)
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No More Heroes just released.
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According to some reviews, No More Heroes is not the game for you if you want the similar open ended gameplay found in the GTA series. That doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it. It looks really cool.
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No More Heroes just released. chris3116
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no more heros looks good, but the 'free' roaming looks limiting. It looks like its really only good to get from one mission to another.

Scareface doesn't have good reviews so i'm scared to invest in it. But the Godfather looks good.

Thanks heaps for the suggestions.

Any other ideas. And does anyone know what is going on with GTA on wii (even if III, VC or SA is released would be good)



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Yeah, i'd say Godfather Blackhand Edition is the closest thing to GTA that's out there on the Wii at the moment, i don't have the game myself yet, but i played the Ps2 and PC versions and they are great!
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Well, Bully is comming out on the Wii soon, which is made by the same people that make GTA. I guess it's what GTA would be like if it took place in a boarding school, and was rated PG13.

Scarface and the Godfather both are open ended, with a big world.

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Godfather was good. I havent played Scarface though. I picked up No More Heros yesterday, and I will say it is awesome. Not really like GTA, but it actually is focused around gameplay and it is tons of fun. I played like 3 hours last night and didnt want to put it down. Get that one, very original.
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i have godfather and let me tell you, it's totally worth it. the game is fun, the controls are good, the graphic is decent, you cant go wrong. to me, it's one of those underrated games for the wii. go pick up a used copy or something.