Not Happy with Wii?

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#1 Posted by SlysApprentice (2193 posts) -

Assuming that you own a Wii, how pleased are you with it. I think its great, plus, whenever I'm feeling sad about a drought of games good ol' virtual console comes around with a game I'm intrested in. What are your thoughts?

#2 Posted by T3H_1337_N1NJ4 (2085 posts) -
I said Awesome, play it daily.. Even though I don't! But the main cause of that is that I have NO TIME.... But whenever I get a chance, I go for it! But overall, it's an awesome experience!

Mainly because of the VC! It's what I really like! Somehow, the pleasure of playing the game on a console can't be compared with the ROM... I know it's weird... But >_>
#3 Posted by The_Last_Jedi33 (211 posts) -
I think that it's awesome! The VC is great, and although there aren't many games for it yet, most of the games that are out are awesome. I think that soon, when the Wii launches so solid titles, it's going to get even better.
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I got a couple new games for my PS2 and haven't felt like touching Wii in a couple of weeks. The main problem is the crap software support in europe, there's a lot of good games that don't even exist here yet.
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in a sense any question concerning this isn't really a good one, because somebody that say has had their wii since nov 19th and somebody that just got it a week or 2 ago would give completely different answers. That and you gotta take into account, how long somebody has to play games on a regular basis.