NOA Contest about Wii U

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Nintendo of America is having a contest on there youtube channel they are having a Why we need Wii U The Pitch contest.

Is anyone going to enter this, Nintendo of America is finally giving you your chance to tell everyone why they need a Wii u. You can pitch the commercial to your parents, neighbors, significant others or even Nintendo!

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Why didn't my video show up? It shows just fine until I click the post button.

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maybe nintendo took embedding off their videos?

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I don't think it's our job to advertise for them. They just made a good advertisement commercial, albeit it's too long though but still, they finally get the point across that it's a new console.

Nintendo needs to wake up and quit acting like douchebags when it comes to this new console. Simple stuff that should be implemented like a simpler messaging system and game invites take a back seat to the removing of comments of unowned games on miiverse? That is completely backwards.

I like the WiiU, I'm just having a very difficult time waiting for Nintendo to implement a basic online infrastructure. There is no excuse for a company as big as Nintendo to not have had a basic online infrastructure after a year on the market.