Nintendo upper management scheming to get rid of Iwata!

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Its translated from a japanese business site. But apparently there are people in Nintendo who think Nintendo needs to be making games for mobile and Iwata won't stand for it. Things are turning around for Nintendo for the most part and people know that the Wii U is a thing now. Why are they pushing for this now?

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Nintendo need to embrace the internet, I agree...making games for stupid people phone?...hell no! :P

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I gotta say that its heartbreaking if Iwata is actually the last bastion of Nintendo not selling out for casual Smartphone BS. This means that Iwata is the best of a not good situation.

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I doubt its real. It's a rumor. But if it is real, Iwata will have to break his rule against being against firing people, he will have to fire those individuals. People need to learn that Smartphones ARE NOT THE FUTURE. They are a phase. Nintendo has been around for 125 years, I think they know where the market is going. They are a survivor.

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As the article said, I'd take it with a grain of salt. Iwata has an 80% approval rating so it'd be hard to see someone scheming such a thing. Nintendo would never sellout or at least according to the higher ups at least. I recall that they said if the company went under they wouldn't go 3rd party at all. I can't recall if it was Iwata or someone else at Nintendo like Miyamoto who said that but, I'd assume the company would follow that policy after Iwata is gone. Though, I wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of app from Nintendo whether it be a little leader board application for a big game like MK8 or be a small addictive game (this being highly unlikely).

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This rumor has been proven false.

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The article may have been mistranslated according to someone on gaf.Take this article with a grain of salt.

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@bunchanumbers: See, this is why I say that Iwata being fired could be DISASTROUS for Nintendo.

Yes things need to change. Better 3rd party support and stronger online infrastructure are some examples. (Though I'd say that their games work perfectly online) However, a new CEO could convince the higher-ups at Nintendo that smart phones are the future. Or convince them that going 3rd party would equal more profits. A new guy could RUIN EVERYTHING!

I'll agree that Iwata has had his fare share of..."unfavorable decisions" over the years...But the Wii U is starting to turn around. There is a lot that they can do better, but there is a LOT they could do worse. Let's just hope that Nintendo can learn from the Wii U and better prepare for the future.

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making games for stupid people phone?...hell no! :P

lol so true

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I do think there is some discontent at Nintendo, for sure, but as for that article? Grain of salt.

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That article is fake. They labeled Hiroshi Yamauchi as the founder of Nintendo when it was his grandfather Fusajiro Yamauchi to do that.

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It's a real shame that's not true because that's the only way to save the comapny

Nintendo makes games for children and casuals almost exclusively and casuals have all moved to other devices for the most part.

Fire Iwata and allow them to branch into mobile devices. Take the a little out of the heaps of money and keep that niche console portion of the company alive.

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@Jaysonguy: I don't think it would work that way. Apple is even saying that they wish that people would pay for games. The only reason some of those games take off is because they're free and people will put up with advertisements if they get it for free.

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@Jaysonguy: I'm actually terrified of the idea of Nintendo being run by you, but I kind of want to see it happen because it'd be highly entertaining.

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@Jaysonguy: I don't think it would work that way. Apple is even saying that they wish that people would pay for games. The only reason some of those games take off is because they're free and people will put up with advertisements if they get it for free.

Yeah but you're talking about unknown games for the most part. Nintendo would have a huge stable of games that people knew day one.

@Jaysonguy: I'm actually terrified of the idea of Nintendo being run by you, but I kind of want to see it happen because it'd be highly entertaining.

Oh I'd fix their problems fast

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@Jaysonguy: I think you'd make a decent attempt lol.

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As this thread goes to show, Iwata has made moves in the past to place people favorable to him on the board in order to consolidate his power, and has removed those in positions to oppose him. I don't doubt he's in no turmoil within Nintendo's walls atm. His approval rating has improved. This article is bogus more than likely.

Aside, what I find fully ironic here is so many now flock to Iwata's heels in times of rumors such as these, once again clinging to him as the last bastion of hope and the savior against that low down, industry destroying, value diminishing market known as mobile, predictably spewing their support of this man and their wishes for him to remain so as not to see Nintendo go this route, yet it never once enters their minds that it has been Iwata's continual fumblings, oversights, and chosen direction throughout the years that has led (if it is true) investors to be screaming for that mobile blood in the first place.

It has been the direction he has taken this company, the audience that he made it a point to focus so vehemently upon, that have since flocked naturally to where they are now. Curious, then, that for all of the apologists' backing his moves in the Wii's days and those he had Nintendo pursuing, fans now all of a sudden find it so abhorrently objectionable when that audience has been drawn to a platform more in line with Nintendo's philosophical and demographical desires (yet not financial ones, apparently) and that Nintendo may be forced to act upon it. Yea, Nintendo wanted to chase that casual buck, alright......until it became a little too casual for them to stomach. So, that whom led us right to mobile's doorstep now finds the model drastically unappealing. All the while, all the other parts of Nintendo's business that would be in aid of propagating and developing an ecosystem that Iwata continually seems to desire, given his repeated pronouncements: higher priced games, longevity, avoiding devaluation......the infrastructure to support such a model continues to deteriorate and lag in the past, the audience is fragmented and has moved on, and Nintendo seems utterly clueless and directionless as to what to do about it.

If you're going to defend Iwata, and especially if you're going to lay credit at his feet for being the sole one holding off those viscous, short-term thinking, don't give a shit for gaming, only profit focused investor wolf-packs, at least have the intellectual courage and fortitude to acknowledge and understand that he is in huge part responsible as to why Nintendo is backed up against this wall and why these investors are screaming for mobile. Really, what does everyone expect? Nintendo bee-lined directly for this market, only to now be cartwheeling backwards at a frantic pace to avoid it when it doesn't suit their underlying principles and values. I can't quite view that as long-term thinking, nor do I view it as good leadership.

Hell if I'm going to give Iwata credit for being the one saving Nintendo from mobile when he is largely the reason they are in such a predicament that they are being so heavily pressured to do so. What kind of leadership leaves a company with such horrible (and few) options? And you know, if a new CEO does appear and tries mobile, it's 100% certain Iwata will be absolved from all responsibility and be seen as some "last dying breed martyr" of what traditional gaming used to be, and the new one will take full blame even though Iwata loaded the barrels, cocked the hammers, and aimed the sights, creating the perfect set of circumstances for it all to come crashing down.

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I think that article is bogus. They just reelected the guy.

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If this were Japanese politics, he would have resigned following the 3DS's initial flop in 2011 and his immediate successor would have likely been replaced by now as well. It's pretty remarkable that he has been able to stay for as long as he has. Perhaps that dos not speak well for Nintendo's upper management if they feel that he is the best person to run the company.