Nintendo DS Lite Repair?

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Hey, recently, my DS Lite has gone really bats---. The top screen has a problem with the backlight where it becomes so bright the entire screen goes white, and you have to tilt the top of the DS (Fold it back and forth) to stop it, and my triggers don't work. My DS has always been loved and cared for :P. But since I want to get Ultimate Mortal Kombat for the DS, this is now really pissing me off. I still have warrenty as I bought the DS in November 06. I called Nintendo, but their automated thing is crap, and I can't fill out the form, becuase in place of the serial sticker, I have but a plain white sticker (maybe the numbers were rubbed off...:-/). I'm not sure, but I want to talk to a real person, I was wondering if anyone had an email address or real persons telephone number, thanks.
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Here's a link, I just filled out the form to get mine repaired:

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Yea, but the form requires the Serial Number, which I sadly don't have. So thanks anyway :P.
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Go to the nintendo site and call the 800 (877 something i think) should be no problem talking to someone if you call during business hours during the week. You may have to hit a few numbers but i've talked with them a couple of times this way and other than the usual punch a couple of numbers no problem.

Ok wait a second your serial number is rubbed off? How could that happen. The sticker with the number is really on there pretty good. A plain white sticker? Your DS has always been loved and cared for? Do you still have the box it came in because the serial number is also on a sticker on the back of that. I don't know man I don't even want to say what I'm thinking but you should have no problem getting ahold of a person over the phone and then just tell them the story and see what they say.

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Thanks, you were right about the box. But, yea, I put in the serial and all and it's good, but now I read about the 'if deemed physical damage, you pay 90" or something like that. That makes me feel very uncomftorable as I saved up that money sweating blood for Halo 3 :P. My DS never touched water, or I doubt I ever dropped it without it being in its protective case (like steel coffin), and even when dropped it was on carpet. Would my problems be deemed 'physical' (read first post), because I really hope Nintendo isn't anal about that.
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call the 1800 number i did it today and nintendo will be sending me a replacement ds for free. great customer service.
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You say they are sending you a new one after you called, did you send yours back and that was after their evaluation?
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I have a ds lite that will not charge. The light does not come on when a charger is attached to the charging port. The game works perfectly with a charged battery. I have checked the f1 and f2 fused, and they both have the proper resistance. I have also replaced the charging port, but it still will not charge or acknowledge connection to the charger. Any suggestions?
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check this repair video out i have found on youtube
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Here you can learn how to repair your nintendo ds for free.
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Yea, but the form requires the Serial Number, which I sadly don't have. So thanks anyway :P.ajsshadow
Jesus, i hate forum require Serial Number for people to view its information, if you don' t wanna people come to your forum and help them, then why are you building the forum? Sorry for that
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