New WiiU owner. Which game do you recommend?

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So, while waiting for X and Smash to come out, which game does the forum recommend?

ZombiU, MH3U, Wind Waker HD look pretty interesting but having a hard time choosing.

Good story as well as interesting characters are a plus but gameplay and replay ability is what I'm mainly looking for.

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WWHD is great, I'd easily say it over the others listed.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm probably going to get WW. Wasnt really a fan of the art style at first but its starting to grow on me.

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there are ton of great games to get here is a list of great games.

new mario u and new luigi u

mario 3d world

monster hunter 3 ultimate (if u enjoy online mmos)

zelda wind waker

pikmin 3

wonderful 101

assassin creed 4

but i recommend getting darksiders 2 first. i had no idea how great the game is and having the gamepad to manage equipment is great. this games is outstanding and feels like zelda but with better gameplay but worst story.

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@pc-ps360: Yeah I played Darksiders 2 on my 360 and I agree its an awesome game. Fast and fluid gameplay and Death is an awesome character. The only gripe I had though was the final boss was quite underwhelming.

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either monster hunter or WW imo..

if you never played ww that might be more thought involving.

monster hunter you should make sure its your kind of game...if you like it you will love it. even more than windwaker.

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get super Mario 3d world.

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Aside from all the games listed here already, I would also add Lego City Undercover.

If you like Lego games, it is a must.

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While light on story, the gameplay is great, I'd also say Rayman Legends.

Also I just downloaded Earthbound on the eshop. If you like JRPGs and a good story, that's a really good one. I'm loving it so far. Then again I liked a lot of the JRPGs from the SNES era.

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if you didnt get the mario bros bundle, new super mario bros u is good as is its dlc you could also get the stand alone if you wanted to ,

theres also call of duty games

ac 4 ac 3

bat man games , those are pretty good

need for speed most wanted u is good

lego city undercover is good ,

pikmin 3

wii party u if you got friends to play with , its alot like marioparty without all the star collecting

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Out of your list I'd definitely say WW HD.

But I think you should definitely consider Super Mario 3D World.

That's my favorite game so far and finding all the stars and stamps gives it a LOT of replayability. I think I've sunk like 30 hours into it so far. Still have quite a few stars to go.

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Pikmin 3 is probably the best game on the console, if not that Mario 3D World. From your list, Wind Waker.