New 3DS Shooter Ironfall Tech Preview Video

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If you haven't heard, there is a new 3DS title called Ironfall, which is suppose to be a Gears of War like shooter made for the 3DS. VD Dev has been heavily emphasizing the graphics of the game, and created their own engine dubbed "The Big Bang Engine" to make the most of the 3DS' capabilities. The game also will run at a full 60 FPS, which is very impressive. I have heard that the devs wanted to make it 60 FPS in 3D as well, but I'm not 100% on if that's what the game will be. Anyways the game looks pretty nice graphically, but I find running in a full 60 FPS is big for a shooter. This is definitely reminiscent of The Conduit for Wii, which was suppose to push the system graphically, and High Voltage Software did make their own Quantum 3 engine specifically for the Wii. Although the critical reception for that game was somewhat mixed, I overall enjoyed it. I would really enjoy a strong Gears of Wars like shooting game for the 3DS. Even if it lacks some creativity, it would be nice to have a shooter for the system since we are certainly lacking in that department. Check out the tech preview here,