Need some advice before purchasing 3DS hardware

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So Fire Emblem Awakening recently came out, needless to say, the release has prompted me to consider buying the hardware for it, I love Fire Emblem that much. 

Question to enthusiasts, the 3DS fire emblem liimited edition pack is sold out nearly everywhere, and I can only get it online for a 15 percent markup for 250, is it worth it? does the fact that the game is pre-installed forfeit your physical copy of the game?

My other alternative would be to buy a 3DS XL and then the game itself, is it that much of an improvement over the standard 3DS? for someone that's played both; or I was considering just waiting for the 3DS monster hunter bundle.

any advice would be appreciated. 

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As beautiful as the limited edition 3DS it...! I personally have been more than happy with my switch from the 3DS to the 3DS XL. The XL just seems so much nicer and the larger screen sice is very very signifigant. Plus it just feels better in my hands and I would get cramps with the 3DS but not so much with the XL. But the game is certain must get. Yes, even if you ahve to get the system to get it - you will be ever so happy!
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Even, though I don't have a 3DS XL( I have the original model), I would recommend the 3DS XL (even though I like the original model). The reason why is because it has a better battery life and if you have big hands you won't have to deal with hand cramps (I have small hands so i dont have any problems). I would only recommnd the original model if you like to carry your handhelds outside or if you dont like carrying bags to hold them. :P

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I've seen the Fire Emblem 3DS in person (friend has it). It's awesome. You don't get a physical copy, but on the plus side you'll always have Fire Emblem available on your 3DS regardless of the cartage. The XL is an improvement over the original in many ways, but the decreased pixel density really hurts it, for me. Anyways, this is a handheld. A big screen shouldn't be a must.
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If you are a Fire Emblem fan, the 3DS is definitely worth it just for Awakening. Great game w/ some cool additions that don't dilute the classic style. I like my XL over my original 3DS for what it's worth. The big screen is way more impressive and the shoulder buttons feel a lot better to me. You can't go wrong w/ either though I don't think I'd pay over retail just as a matter of principle.

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The Fire Emblem Awakening limited edition 3DS is sweet looking (I bought one for my brother) but I would not pay extra for it. Even if you cannot find it I would reccomend a regular 3DS over the XL. I bought an XL for my wife (she likes the bigger screen for her eyes) but the games look stretched out on it and there is a noticeable drop off in the quality of the 3D.

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The XL is so much of an improvement over the original 3DS that there's no reason not to buy it. The only advantage the original one has is a slightly narrower field of view on the 3D effect, so you don't have to hold it as far away from yourself to avoid the image going weird. But as the 3D effect is gimmicky at best it's a paltry advantage, and more than compensated by the XL's bigger (and better) screens, the matte finish, the better hinges, more solid construction, less cramped controls (though the dpad is located in an awful spot on both), better stylus, better battery life, louder speakers, and superior home/start/select buttons. The original 3DS is a tiny, uncomfortable, cramped, fingerprint magnet.
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I got that bundle at 199 and cents plus tax, and though I love my 3ds AND the game (my first 3ds, and my first fire emblem game), I would not buy it for higher. Some points to consider... 1.) At the time I got it, that 199 was lower than the price of a brand new regular 3ds and downloading the game (which is essentially what the bundle is). 2.) At the time I got it, there were no good XL bundles out or announced, there is talk of a luigi's manor bundle or a monster hunter bundle. 3.) That Cobalt blue color is nice, and the cover design is unique. 4.) a minor point, but, upon registering it at club nintendo, you can only register it as a cobalt blue 3ds, can't register the game. 5.) another minor pont: no cradle in the bundle.
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well, i caved in, sold my PS3 to my friend; and went with the original 3DS model with Awakening and MGS3D. Thanks for all the input