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Well, I was told by a friend of a website called, and the program you download from the site. It basically acts as a personal broadcasting system. More importantly, it lets 360, ps3 and wii owners access personal documents from their computers. ( Now, the money question: Has anyone played downloaded games on thw wii? Is it possible to play MMOs? How far, exactly, can you go with this program?

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Alittle something to add, the reason I don't have it myself is because it's Vista/XP compatible only. Also, my friend told me that surfing the internet is faster than the opera browser nintendo provides... plus it gets rid of the bottom bar.

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Okay, whaaa?

Orb is good for streaming music, video, and certain documents from your PC to the Wii. You can't play games or anything like that, it's really only good for music.

Now what are you talking about the "bottom bar"? The bar on the Opera browser goes away on the Wii....I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Bottom line: Orb works good for streaming music from your PC to the Wii. That's it.