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hey guys, i wanted to try a new fighting game on my wii, im not a fan of DBZ and im not realy a fan of mortal kombat. but i am a huge fan of the amount of characters you can choose from out of both games :) your opinions would realy help

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I have both games. I would recommend Mortal Kombat over dbz just because Mortal Kombat is a lot more fun then dbz. DBZ is more like Action/Fighting.
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yeah... the create a character and fatalaty thing looks realy cool, but im still undecided
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I would go with MK, because fun with a DBZ game can depend heavily upon whether your a fan or not.
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There's some slowdown in dbz for the Wii version, An example would be 2 Super Sayians. It doesn't hurt the gameplay but it can get rather annoying.
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I would go with MK, because fun with a DBZ game can depend heavily upon whether your a fan or not.Sepewrath

Not true in the Wii version.

I'm not a fan of the series and can't tell you more then two characters from the show (that I only know from the ads on TV) and it's a great game. MK so far has had people say the motion controls are fun but to REALLY play the game you want to use a controller. Dragon Ball Z is a game that's made better by the motion controls, once you use them you wont want to go back to a "regular" controller.

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That's true for dbz. Most of the combat is based on motion controls. For Mortal Kombat, it has simple gestures.
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there both great games. but ive always liked the dbz series of games better
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both awesome funn games.

but i liked dbz better cuase of the motion controls... and how its alot more fun for me!
but I think its also becuase im a dbz fan lol

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Its harder to decide if your fans of both games.
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Mortal Kombat hands down

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ok.. but can u guys tell me wich one i would like more if i had absolutly no idea what each were, just knew they were fighting games no fanism at all?? ( not true by the way :) )