monster hunter 3 ultimate wiiu help for noob

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hi guys,

i just finished playing the demo and i was impressed. never player a hunter game before and is planning on buying this game very soon. tho i have some questions.

1- can some1 tell me the exact button layout, as there is no wahy to view ur controls on the options.

2- is there a lock on or running button. i cant seem to figure outif there is.

3- is the game alive online? and is it easy to find people playing it.

4- is there a time limit in the game like in the demo.

5- what is the best character for a new person in the series. i prefer some one that is fast and also has a decent weapon no someting too weak.

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1- y is to use an item and put away your weapon, x is an attack button, a is to choose things in the menu and carve monsters, b is to go back in the menus, L and of these is to run and swim faster climb faster....i forget which of the buttons are different attacks i think..

2- you have to hold down R to run....if you let it go you stop running. but you have a stamina gauge(yellow)... you cant run if its depleted.... you have to eat steaks to make it full.

3- yes still 1 hundred or more online at a given time

4- yes...every quest has a time limit....but its almost an hour...40min i think....should not be an issue at all.

you can also free roam hunt without a time limit in the moga woods.

5- its like pokemon, i say choose what looks cool imo....i dont have enough exp to answer this.

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To expand on #5, there's no such thing as "best weapon class."

Sword and Shield are weak, but are very mobile, has a shield to block attacks, and deals a lot of Elemental or Status damage.

Dual Swords are similar to Sword and Shield, but are faster and does not have a shield.

Great Swords have high raw damage, but weak elemental/status damage. They're also slow and allows you to block with the sword (you lose sharpness while blocking).

Long Swords are very mobile. It has decent raw and great elemental/status, and deals quick attacks.

Hammers are pretty mobile and has high raw damage, but weak elemental/status damage. Hammers deal impact damage instead of cutting damage, which are good for breaking/cracking skulls, but bad for cutting tails.

Hunting Horn does not have the raw power of a Hammer or the elemental/status damage of a Sword and Shield, but it gives you timed buffs to support yourself or other team mates when you play it after a combo.

Lance are very defensive and deals the best damage per second. They're not too fast and does not have too much mobility. Good balance between raw and elemental.

Gunlances are more defensive, but have less mobility than the Lance. They provide bullets (not long range) and explosions for extra damage.

Switch Axes allow you to switch between axe mode and sword mode. Axe mode is more mobile whereas Sword mode is more powerful. Switch Axes have good raw and elemental/status damage.

Light Bowgun are weak, but are very mobile. Like the Hammer and Hunting Horn, they provide impact damage. They are ranged weapons.

Heavy Bowgun are strong, but difficult to carry around. Some have shields to aid the lack of mobility. Both Light and Heavy require you to carry ammo and change ammo during combat. It's possible to run out of ammo while hunting.

Bows are also ranged weapons that deal impact damage, but you have infinite ammo that can be boosted with coatings. You have to carry the coatings and it's possible to run out. Shooting arrows are not as quick as shotting bullets, but they provide a lot of mobility.

And if you continue to have problems with the controls, I'm pretty sure the demo has a digital manual.

Happy hunting!

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I'll just answer the last question, since the others got answered already.

Sword and shield is always a good weapon to start with. Not only is it fun to use, but also easy to understand. When you've gotten the hang of how the combat works, you could start to explore other weapons.

Personally, I freaking looove the longsword. I started with sword and shield, and wanted to try something new that does more damage (sns is quite weak, but fast) but at the same time not sacrifice too much speed. Longsword was exaclty what I wanted.

Keep in mind that it's a very time-consuming game. Farming is equally important to hunting. And with 4 players (especially friends) it's one of the most fun games around.