Modern games that are hard to find?

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So what are some recently released games that are already scarce? I ask because I have recently been searching around locally for Star fox 64 3D and its almost nowhere. Checked amazon, and its already going for fifty dollars (?!?!) which surprised me considering it came out a few years ago.

How about you guys, any recent titles that quickly became difficult to find?

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Kirby Return to Dreamland is probably the rarest kirby game even though it just came out a few years ago. $55-65 for a used one

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With the exception of the more popular ones, so many first party titles have always seemed to be in short supply gong what back to the days of the Wii. I don't know if Nintendo produced some games in rather small numbers or what but so many come to mind such as Metroid Prime Trilogy, KRTDL, Fire Emblem, Punch Out, City Folk, etc..,

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Xenoblade Chronicles is a tough one to find.

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Personally I have trouble finding Pandora's Tower and Xenoblade.

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@trugs26: No disrespect here, Im always confused when people say they cant find "X" game. Literally every game listed in this thread is on amazon for under 40 USD (used) Is it new that everyone is looking for these games, becuase if thats the case you can get Star fox for 27 bux TC and cartridges function99.9999% unless they have been dunked in coca cola or something

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@equanox214: I'm not from the US.