Mario Tennis Open Online Multiplayer Questions

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My wonderful children gave me Mario Tennis Open for Father's Day yesterday and while it is a fun game I am not sure I understand how the online multiplayer works. I am not the most technologically prone person around but when I play Mariokart 7 online I automatically get set up with opponents. When I tried to go online with Mario Tennis Open I had to create a room and then sat around waiting for a few minutes but was never matched up with anyone. Is there not a huge online audience for the game or can you only play against people on your friend's list or how does it work?

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I cant answer your question, cuz I dont have the game. However, go over to (gamespot's sister site) and there will be an individual forum dedicated to the game, instead of a general 3DS forum. Someone will be able to answer your question over there.

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You set up a match with friends thats why. Meaning only your friends would be able to join your match. There are to options when you sign on to the network: Exhibition Match and Open Match. Exhibition Match is with friends only and you create a lobby. If you want random matchmaking you need to select Open Match.
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Awesome. Thanks for the help.

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I just got Mario Tennis as well for the 3DS. Is there a way to play cooperatively with a friend against CPU's or other players in the Online/Internet multiplayer portion of the game? I am not seeing the option. Site