Mario Luigi wiiU Remotes (collectible)

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#1 Posted by KBFloYd (14062 posts) -

Get yours fast...before nintendo goes out of business!

$40.00 each.

#2 Posted by thetravman (3535 posts) -

Finally a proper green controller. I have the NSMB colour variety wii wrist straps associated with their same coloured remotes...except for green. Collection is complete.

#3 Edited by MonsieurX (30863 posts) -

Looks really nice.

#4 Posted by achilles614 (4864 posts) -

Any clue how long these will be on sale? Is it a limited time holiday thing?

I'll probably get the Mario one now and the Luigi one in early December. They look like nice collectables would be a shame to miss out on them.

#5 Posted by Kenny789 (10251 posts) -

Would have definitely gotten these if I didn't already have 4 Wii Remote Plus'